The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack
The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack

The Mix - Bamboo Toothbrush Pack

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Don’t know where to start on your sustainable journey? The bamboo toothbrush pack gives you a combination of options to try. Pick your favourite to stick with or find a mix of comfort and fun.

Our bamboo toothbrushes have different handle designs. There’s the ergonomic option for natural flex, fuller-grip handles or toothbrushes with sleeker control.

This pack encourages you to sample five styles to find your preference. Experience all the features. Encourage the whole family to try with the sustainable toothbrush pack.

Sustainable toothbrush packs are eco-friendly and BPA free, so you and your family can brush the greener way.


  • Combination of soft and medium bristles designed for safe and effective cleaning
  • Choose your favourite colour from the mix; blue, white, pink or natural shades
  • Each pack provides a mix of different colour bristles - a shade for everyone in the family
  • Only available in a pack of 10
  • Fun and colourful to tell them apart and avoid mix-ups in the bathroom


The bamboo toothbrush pack is made from bamboo with biodegradable handles. The bristles are recyclable nylon, to refine tooth enamel stains.

Directions for Use:

  1. Gently brush two-three times per day
  2. Rinse brush and bristles after use
  3. Store in an open-air holder
  4. Do not share
  5. Replace every 2-3 months
  6. Break off the brush head (bristles) to recycle and dispose of the handle by composting or bury in your backyard. Check with your local waste collection about the best way to recycle the bristle top in your area

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